Joe’s Fantasy Football Bible

So what’s it gunna be then, eh? If you’ve ever seen or read A Clockwork Orange, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. In fantasy football, it’s question you ask yourself over and over as the clock is winding down and you need to pick. You’ve read every ESPN, Yahoo!, and Rotoworld article imaginable, scoured through every cheatsheet, and have even made your own rankings. No matter how prepared you are (or think you are), be prepared for chaos. You may think you know what you’re going to do until you’re on the clock. I’ve done it. I remember blurting out “Torry Holt!” as time expired one year. This of course was when he signed with Jacksonville, clearly was on the decline, and in that stupid moment of word vomit, I ruined my chance at back to back championships.

Don’t be that guy. If I’ve learned anything from playing fantasy football the past decade, it’s hold back the word vomit. Fantasy football isn’t a time to let chaos ensue. Your guy gets taken? So what, there’s a hundred other guys that can make up your team. Be angry, upset, afraid, whatever, for a few seconds, then take a deep breath, and get back to the board. Be cold and calculated, not reactive and emotional. These, along with the rest of this piece, will be tips to help you not only survive, but dominate your draft.

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The Joker, A New Wild Card In The NFL?

Meet the human Swiss Army knife

By: Joe Siniscalchi

Let’s play a game. What do Percy Harvin, Tavon Austin, Josh Cribbs, Randall Cobb, Darren Sproles, Marcel Reese, and Reggie Bush have in common? What about Aaron Hernandez, Tyler Eifert, Delanie Walker, Jimmy Graham and Jermichael Finley? Still stumped? How about Haloti Ngata, Adalius Thomas, Dion Jordan, Kam Chancellor, and Justin Smith? Alright, alright, I’ll tell you. They are the guys who have created or will help move along a revolution in the NFL.

All of these players possess (or in Thomas’ case possessed) amazing versatility, which helps them line up all over the field. Players who are a jack-of-all-trades have a new position named after their expanded roles: the “joker.” These jokers can line up anywhere on the field. Percy Harvin, Tavon Austin Josh Cribbs and Randall Cobb may be the best jokers in the NFL. They’re listed as wide receivers, but they also line up in the slot, outside, in the backfield, and as kick and punt returners.

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