#RememberWhen: Vince Carter literally dunked OVER a 7-footer

By: Mike Wagenman (@mjwags23)

Site: Sydney, Australia

Year: 2000

Event: Olympic Gold Medal Game

Opponent: France

Ok, the scene is set. Team USA was 7-0 and well on its way to a perfect 8-0 Olympic Games record and a gold medal. Vince Carter took it to a new level. I’ll let the video do the rest of the explaining:

Yes, VC literally jumped over seven-foot-two center Frederic Weis. SEVEN. FOOT. TWO. Right OVER him. This is the best in-game dunk of all-time by the best in-game dunker of all-time. Kudos, Vinsanity, this dunk will never lose its luster.

And, in case you’re wondering who those other three guys on the “fast break” are with Carter, No. 14 is Gary Payton, No. 11 is Vin Baker (really?) and the dude who shoves Carter at the end is Kevin Garnett. So yeah, an Olympic team with Vin Baker won the gold medal.

Go go, USA.



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