#UniformUpdate: Dallas Stars leak new logo

By: Mike Wagenman (@mjwags23)

Since the Stars moved from Minnesota to Dallas, they have experimented with a number of different uniform and logo designs.

The 1993-94 season was the team’s first in Texas. Since, the Stars’ primary logo design has remained the same, but has just gotten progressively darker. Dallas has also experimented with a jersey style that literally looks like a giant star was cut out of it.

Starting in 2007, the team decided to put player numbers on the front of the jersey in addition to the back and the sleeves. The Stars abandoned the logo on the chest in 2011 and replaced it with an arched “DALLAS”.

Don’t forget this nightmare alternate logo:


Safe to say the Stars’ logos and uniforms have not exactly worked out particularly well.

Now, they have decided to go in a new direction. A more clean and simple style. Personally, I think the designers could have done a bit better, give how simple the name “Dallas Stars” is. But, they did not do a bad job by any means. Here’s the primary logo:


And here is the alternate shield:


A lighter green has replaced the old forest green color as the primary, and Dallas has nixed the gold accents in favor of silver and black. Much cleaner. It does kind of remind me of the Brooklyn Brewery beer logo:


Hey, at least its a good beer, right?



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