The Empire State

Is it foolish to say that baseball is now front page news in New York? Well, given the state of the rest of the town’s teams (Giants, Jets, Knicks all pitiful) one could argue that the baseball offseason has given New Yorkers hope and something to talk positively about in these cold, snowy winter months.

Both the Yankees and Mets have been busy so far. Big names have been inked to free agent deals and are coming to the Big Apple in April. The Yankees stole Jacoby Ellsbury away from the hated Red Sox. Curtis Granderson switched sides of town to play for the Mets.

It could be that just because they are doing something, these teams have created a buzz around town and just gives everyone an excuse to talk about something other than a five INT game from Eli Manning again or another Knicks loss to a terrible team.

The preseason is the best time to be a fan in every sport because every team is a contender. It’s a new year, things are looking up, and new faces are in that exude optimism.

But listen up New Yorkers-baseball season won’t bring about anything different than what you are going through now.

Let’s start with the Mets. They might be easier to deal with due to the fact that, let’s face it, they haven’t been good and really are never expected to be. Continue reading