The Old Timers Offense: Offensive Line

By: Joe Siniscalchi (@Joe_Siniscalchi)

Yesterday, I wrote a piece on some of the best players over 30 that would make up a great offense. In this part, I’ll go over the best offensive lineman over 30.

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A Changing of the Tide

By: Joe Siniscalchi (@Joe_Siniscalchi)

Change. We all have to deal with change sooner or later in our lives. Some of us manage to get by with change, some thrive from it, and some of us can’t deal with it at all.

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Five NFL Teams That Can Make A Splash On Draft Day

By: Joe Siniscalchi

The NFL Draft is less than two weeks away. By now, you’ve probably heard everyone and their mother take a guess at which players teams will look to draft. What you haven’t heard, though, is who will trade up and down in the draft. Conducting mock drafts with trades is very difficult and anybody who claims they know exactly what trades will go down have just as much of a guess as I do. With that, here are five teams who can make some serious waves come draft day.

1. San Francisco 49ers               Image

The 49ers have a whopping 13 draft picks in the upcoming draft, and that’s after trading picks for Anquan Boldin and Colt McCoy. The team doesn’t have too many glaring needs besides safety. A trade up for Kenny Vaccaro is a possibility, but they can easily get Jonathan Cyprien or Matt Elam if they are patient. A bold move would be trading into the top 10 and selecting WR Tavon Austin. A team like the Bills, Jets, or Titans can benefit from dropping back and picking up at least one of the second round picks that San Francisco has.

2. Miami Dolphins Image

To say Jeff Ireland has a fire under himself is an understatement. Ireland has overpaid for two wide receivers, two linebackers, and signed Brent Grimes. After picking up an extra second- and third-round pick thanks to the Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall trades, Ireland may look to keep up with his aggressive strategy. With Jake Long going to the Rams, Ireland has a huge void at left tackle. He reportedly isn’t too high on Lane Johnson, so a trade up into top three makes sense. If the Chiefs take Joeckel or Fisher, the Raiders seem like a prime spot for Miami to trade into. The Raiders can use all the draft picks they can get, while Miami would be able to take the remaining lineman without having to worry about missing out. Continue reading