Trouble In Hollywood

By: Ryan Korp


It was quite an off-season on the west coast in Major League Baseball. Los Angeles was a hot bed for off-season transactions, bringing lots of star power to California. From Hamilton to Greinke, the Angels and Dodgers loaded up on talent that sparked plenty of talk about an all-LA World Series.

Here we are in the middle of May, and both the Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves near the bottom of the standings.

The Angels are off to one of their worst starts in

team history, and long-time manager Mike Scioscia has reason to fear for his job. A 15-27 start to the season gives the Angels the second-worst record in the American League. With a lineup featuring Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Mark Trumbo, how could that be possible?

The Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves in a similar situation, with a 17-23 record and a manager in hot water. Don Mattingly’s club spent a boatload of cash under new ownership and acquired several All-Star players and have assembled a roster with such names as Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez.

Zack Greinke hurt himself in a bench-clearing brawl and missed a large chunk of time this year. Josh Beckett is 0-5 with an ERA over five. The bullpen has been terrible, ranking near the bottom of the National League with a 4.45 ERA. They have scored the second-fewest runs in the NL, only the anemic Marlins have scored less.

The Angels pitching has not been good to say the least. An ERA near the bottom of the AL and a staff that has given up the third-most runs in the league is not a recipe for success. Joe Blanton is 0-7 with an ERA over six and the rotation as a whole has produced an ERA north of five.

The talent levels of both teams can’t possibly produce these results for a whole season, but both teams need a little bit of help to right the ship.


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