#RememberWhen: Andre Iguodala threw down this sick dunk and DIDN’T win the dunk contest

By: Mike Wagenman (@mjwags23)

This is one of my all-time favorite dunk contest dunks ever. So it may not be flashy, but think of the athletic ability it takes to jump under the backboard, avoid it, rise back up and throw it down.

Somehow Iggy did not win the dunk contest in 2006, even though champion Nate Robinson used 14 attempts to finally finish one of his dunks. Iguodala’s performance in the 2006 contest is one of the most complete, top to bottom, of all time, and here is the best of the bunch:

There are so many different elements of this video that make it so incredible. First, Iggy is sporting those metallic blue Sixers threads. Easily a top-five alternate of the mid-2000s.

Secondly, Allen Iverson is dishing the pass off the back of the window. Automatic brownie points for involving AI. Who didn’t love AI?

Thirdly, the dunk is insane. Try to do that on a mini hoop and let me know how that goes. The athletic ability that Iguodala puts on display during this dunk is absolutely phenomenal.

Fourth, check out the reactions of Jason Terry (wearing the Mavericks warmup without the classic headband) and Iverson after the cameras show the crowd going nuts. Hilarious.

Finally, did anyone see Iguodala’s celebration? He’s out. I think he wowed himself. Iggy left the building. No, literally, he ran through the tunnel into the locker room area because he couldn’t believe what he just did.

Hope you all enjoyed this dunk as much as I always do, and remember to follow @GTDsports on Twitter.



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