#TheList: 5 NFL Teams Who Can Make Some Noise

By: Joe Siniscalchi (@Joe_Siniscalchi)

The NFL season is still four long months away, but as far as I’m concerned, everyday is a good day to discuss football. With the majority of the offseason over with, OTA’s and training camps are the only activities left. As rosters are beginning to shape into place, I’ve thought about which teams can surprise, and which teams can disappoint.

Look at the past few seasons. The 2007 Browns, the 2012 Colts and Redskins, the 2008 Dolphins, and the 2010 Seahawks all emerged as teams that came out of nowhere to make waves. On the flip side of that, we’ve seen teams completely fail such as the 2011 Cowboys and Colts, the 2012 Eagles, and the 2010 Chargers.

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Fear not bandwagoners, all will be well in Miami


By: Mike Wagenman (@mjwags23)

If not for the Spurs storming back from 16-down to beat the Warriors in double-overtime, the Bulls stealing game one in Miami would have been the biggest surprise of the beginning of round two.

Chicago is not scared of Miami. The team is 3-2 against the Heat this season. The Bulls do not put LeBron James on a pedestal. The defending champions banner in the rafters of the American Airlines Arena does not intimidate them.

But, they should be.

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