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Maybe it’s significant, maybe it’s not – but that’s one crazy statistic. During their time in the NHL, seven times have the Capitals opened a 7-game series with a 2-0 lead, and all seven times did they blow the chance for the sweep in Game 3. Here’s more information of those series:

1991-92, first round: Capitals (3) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (4)

Washington opened up 2-0 at home and held a 3-1 lead after four games, only to watch the Penguins win three straight games and the series, 4-3.


1995-96, first round: Capitals (2) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (4)

Starting on the road this time, the Capitals stole both games in Pittsburgh before losing the next four, as Pittsburgh advanced on with a 4-2 series win.


1997-98, second round: Capitals (4) vs. Ottawa Senators (1)

After defeating the Boston Bruins in the first round, the Caps faced the Ottawa Senators in round two. Starting off with two home wins, the Capitals lost in Game 3 but answered with two in a row to clinch the series victory, 4-1. The Capitals went on to the Stanley Cup Finals this year, getting swept 4-0 by the Cup-winning Detroit Red Wings.


2002-03, first round: Capitals (2) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (4)

After winning Games 1 and 2 on the road, the Caps surrender four straight to the Bolts, losing the series 4-2.


2008-09, second round: Capitals (3) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (4)

The Penguins seem to also wreck havoc, eh? The Capitals won both games at home before losing three straight to the Pens. In Game 6, the Caps registered a 5-4 OT win in Pittsburgh to force Game 7, but lost 6-2 at Pittsburgh, again losing the series, 4-3.


2010-11, first round: Capitals (4) vs. New York Rangers (1)

Needing OT twice, the Caps won all three home games en route to a 4-1 series victory. The only loss in the series came in Madison Square Garden in Game 3.


2012-13, first round: Capitals vs. New York Rangers

We now get to experience first-hand the Capitals 7th opportunity to finish a series after losing Game 3 following 2-0 series leads. If history repeats itself, the Capitals will probably lose the series, as they have done four of the previous six times this occurred. However, one of those series wins came against the Rangers.

Hang on to your hats, folks, it could be a crazy ride.



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